Different shoes material maintenance methods are also different

Cattle, sheep, scrub cream with high quality shoes and shoe cloth, don’t have to wipe water dragon sent wingtip shoes material. Shoes oil oil-based and water-based, plenty of water for water-based and contain wax components, more long-term use of leather looks dry, lose luster, shorten use life. Advocate using grease type of shoe polish, can play the part of nourishing real leather, the effect of the rehabilitation of light.


USES: after USES dirty, avoid by all means use usually brush brush try, it will damage the frosted suede, there are bare in the instep, affect beautiful. Advocate employing USES special rubber piece of scrubbing, as well as decontamination, but also maintain the instep. The plush leather: it is necessary to use special scrub brush single direction, not try to wipe back and forth, this will cause wool and damage the leather. Colorless or special spray the same color, color need mercy, 20 cm from vamp spray mop, simple shoes head and root for wool, need to spray a few times more, after being dry, with a special brush scrub again either. Don’t advocate using shoe powder, because of its color force is very poor and easy dirty pants. Paint, bright skin, or lit with half wet cloth clean shoe polish. The outermost layer of skin, pay attention to waterproof, prevent oil stains while dressing. Outermost layer of skin of avoid by all means is swabbed with usually brown or colorless shoe polish, maintenance, this will form leather “flower”, change color, beautiful and use. Such as stained the cloth wash oil decontamination, can use first shoes to use cloth shoes scrub it again after cleaning can, brush after a single oil leather shoes have the appearance of color is darker, belongs to the normal situation. Crocodile: because it is a natural hard leather texture animal and in processing and manufacturing of cent has degree must be considered in use in the future will present the wear and tear, thus every crocodile leather has a special treatment, so you make use of time don’t have far have to be careful. Crocodile although pity is expensive, the curing process is not complicated, as long as you use dry cloth to wipe dirt in the skin grain direction, with a senior shoes anointing oil (not to use normally water scrubbing shoe polish, otherwise will form the crack appearance), place the shade to receive. Deerskin, need to use special “deerskin powder” color, the color before you with a few warm wet cotton cloth, wipe clean leather shoes, leather shoes dry again after coloring, brush with wool uniform. Attention is bound to follow the direction of a brush, as a result of the deerskin appearance, suitable wool, follow the direction of a brush color uniform, without off color. No “deerskin powder”, just clean with usually cotton cloth, not with wet cloth, because the skin can absorb water damage, will leave traces. Kangaroo: with a damp cloth to wipe it twice (do not too wet cloth), and then use a clean dry cloth polishing the dry, put oil again in a few minutes (shoes leather maintenance on oil, if oil use wipes clean, dirty cloth to wipe dirt will stay in leather wrinkles, accumulated time long owe good finishing). Finally placed in the local of the ventilation air. Lizard skin: because is actually the scales, so can’t like leather soaked with shoe polish, so basically do not have what good maintenance, can use soft brush brush along the dermatoglyph quietly clean dirt, then wipe with clean soft cloth. Metal buckle: golden shoe buckle available first whiff Ming shoe polish scrub quietly. Fade buckles available most smooth water sand paper or frosted rubber quietly wipe away the black spots. Brass buckle or metal buckles first whiff nail polish to prevent oxidation.