How much you know about the insole

Chinese folk, clothing shoes and hats embroidered decoration often endowed with must be the moral of inside, for relatives boast good wishes and ambitions.


Shoe pad many current applied in shoe industry, health care, special function; Usually divided into shoe industry use shoe factory use insoles and shopping mall was studied two kinds of patterns. Shoemaking used shoes soles, insoles mainly cooperation bottom, makes the corresponding type of body; In accordance with here backplane perhaps panel manufacturing plate size, and make the corresponding shape. Mall insoles mainly studied the insoles as a commodity to sell directly, by development planning, the circulation of commodities in the market place.


Classification of insoles


The distinction between current insoles varieties of heavy and complicated, there is no strict boundaries, do see more insoles classification is discussed below.


Material classification:


1:2: Eva insole sponge insole 3: silica gel insoles 4: TPR insoles 5: latex insoles 6: cloth insole 7: leather insoles 8: CPU insoles


Effect of classification:


1: health insoles, insoles is benefit to the human body health. Insoles, such as antibacterial deodorant insoles, Chinese medicine insoles, etc.


2: utility insoles: has the special function of shoes is to pad. Waterproof increased such as antistatic insoles, insoles, insoles, etc.


3: custom insoles that is does not have the above 2 points of insoles, many see this


Use classification:


1: sport insoles 2:3: corrective insoles damping insole 4: warm insole 5: increased insoles 6: stop slippery insoles 7: electronic heating insoles 8: massage insoles 9:10: magnetic therapy insoles antistatic insoles 11: drug insoles 12: waterproof insoles 13: custom insoles


Appearance size classification:


2:1: the whole insole half yards mat insert (half) 3:7 minutes of mat 4: the ball pad 5: the heel pad 6: after heel stick 7: waist stick


Manufacturing technology classification:


1: cold pressing molding insoles 2: hot press molding insoles 3: casting molding insoles 4: molding insoles 5:6: textile insole molding craft embroidery insoles This section of the three methods and wear See more insoles wear method, clarify here is as follows: 1. The whole place the insole inside the shoe. 2. The correct insoles in accordance with the manufacturer to clarify wear, fixed position. 3. After heel stick can directly fit in, followed by the body. 4. Seven points mat placed inside the shoe, as far as possible. 5. Half yards pad wear shoes fixed in the ball part. 6. The waist stick stick in the shoes directly the waist level 7. The roots increased insoles in the shoes. 8: heel pad placed on the heel of shoes, to prevent the forward slip.


Insoles standard


Foot length (cm) 23 24 25 25.5 24.5 23.5 26.5 26 and 27


Insole size 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 and 42 43 and 44


Pay attention to dressing


1: health insoles, such as: Chinese medicine insoles, bamboo charcoal insole will often change, adhere to the boring.


2: utility insoles, such as: increased insoles, damping insole should pay attention to comfort, with no discomfort.


3: leather insoles wearing long, leather will be rigid. Often to replace.


Insoles, insoles: 4: special functions such as antistatic when catharsis to prevent alkali soaking liquid.


5: the use of orthopedic insoles, should first consult to regulate hospital.