Autumn woodiness furniture how to maintain Proper humidification will be better

Whereas the cold wind, blew away the hot and humid summer, leaving dry, your skin becomes tight lack water, is the same, the home of woodiness furniture is no better than what we good, they are also afraid of boring, also afraid of “irritated” : desktop lost luster, cupboard door to present the crack… It is boring to bring change. So, when air humidity is relatively small, indoor contrast dry, do not ignore the ordinary maintenance of wooden furniture, appropriate “humidifying” is one of the desirable way.

How autumn woodiness furniture maintenance Proper humidification can be very good


Autumn wood furniture maintenance to degree There are tricks normal maintenance


Avoid light, dust and cleaning


All is no less


Although there is no strong summer light, but the sunshine for a long time and is inherently boring air, woodiness furniture briefly present the phenomenon such as cracks or local fade, therefore, a furniture store staff that are available on wooden furniture some to keep out sunshine point-blank window cloth. Other, compare the big wind, open a window ventilated brief bring dust into the interior. If put in the home of the furniture of annatto, teak and other manufacturing, because its are exquisite decoration of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, a brief dust in the fine cracks, if do not regularly to remove dust, not only affect beautiful, also become these log furniture agile “older” killer. When cleaning, should also pay attention to keep clean things hit a furniture, more at ordinary times don’t let the hard nut of furniture, metal products, or other sharp object collision to protect furniture appearance no trace of the present shortcomings or silk.


Said although compared to dry, moderate moisture is necessary, but furniture is unfavorable also in very wet local, avoid wood in wet swelling, time grew a brief decay, and even serious damage to the furniture. A furniture xiangtan store staff suggest broad consumer attention, woodiness furniture moist cannot rely on water to provide, which is said not only use wet dishcloth briefly scrub, also should choose professional furniture essential oil for maintenance, it contains a brief natural orange oil, absorbed by the wood fibre can lock the moisture in wood furniture, prevent dryness deformation of furniture with a nourishing effect, by inside and outside the woodiness furniture replay is glorious, extending the service life of furniture.


Maintenance should have


There are tricks normal maintenance


Wooden furniture regular maintenance is necessary, but the personage inside course of study notice small make up, furniture maintenance to hold good degrees, don’t be too frequent maintenance, because too frequent maintenance also can damage the furniture. Under normal circumstances, the wooden furniture only once each quarter wax can. Ability to conduct a wax, if in doing so will help keep the furniture seemed endowed with luster and appearance should not be vacuuming, cleaning up and compared briefly.


The personage inside course of study went on to say, in the usual maintenance when furniture also can use a few little tricks, make furniture looks endowed with luster, extended service life. Expired milk can be used to wipe furniture, dip in with overdue milk tea towel table, chair, TV ark, milk grease can make furniture appear luster. Bear in mind that after milk soak moment, use water to clean it again, otherwise there will be residual milk milk smell.


If the furniture shows scratches and dent, how to correct? A relatively brief way is with a cotton ball or brush near furniture surface coated with color, shoe polish, shoe polish, such as dried up in the future, you will find it with the color of the furniture The peculiarly fuses in together. To get rid of the water damage furniture appearance, can use first toothpaste or salad oil alter, then wipe clean, furniture waxing again, so you can wipe out the stain.