Sports shoes sole and the vamp material development

Sneakers is not only the demand tolerated on the movement of all kinds of stress, and it also needs to wear comfortable, thus different professional sports shoes on the soles and the vamp material is different.


Shoes material requirements


General sports shoes including a trusty sneakers, short series shoes, tennis shoes, track shoes, soccer practice when general sports and sports wear with rubber boots. Sports shoes vamp is quite rich, soft interlayer, upper brush through air resistance; The outsole has the outstanding skid resistance, high elasticity, flexing resistance and abrasion resistance, and easy to wear comfortable. From skill requirements for, sports shoes should response, when construction planning should not only conducive to the maintenance of the foot during strenuous exercise and the support of the human body, and should not grinding foot skin injury or adding feet fatigue. Therefore, primary demand about shoes material without harmful substances, and some have antistatic ability; Should have good air permeability, water vapor permeability and hygroscopicity, to ensure that the feet sweat can energetic, lest cause foot skin disease. Should have good play degeneration, with feet swell when body movement and after restoration; Demand has bound to water resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, mildew resistance and resistance to ultraviolet ray radiation; To accept the repeated bending deformation of outstanding talents and wear-resisting function; Tolerated must temperature and essential formability and caking property, used to a variety of technology needs.


His efforts to get comfortable with data


Natural leather cow leather, in particular, are the most common instep with usage data. Natural leather sample strengths lies in its network layer fiber into three-dimensional network structure, make its can breathe freely. And the soft warm touch is irreplaceable by other data. But as a result of natural leather from its open structure, permeability and bibulous rate is high, does not have waterproof function. So that some senior shoes a encounter rain, soon.


In the face of the wild strictly clutter condition, develop more and more pay attention to the water of leather and waterproof function, from the beginning of leather processing and disposal to improve their function. 3 m company developed the thought of noble (SCOTCHGARD) leather species is a major breakthrough, leather after disposal, noble and appropriate technology, can make the leather with water, oil, and the effect of dustproof, not easy to become dirty, can avoid stains infected skin leather, together also can keep the original handle, air permeability, appearance and scent. In addition BAYER and BASF and other large chemical group is also working on leather species, and also get very good results.


When the rain to has the effects of water cow leather, the rain there will be a ball shape out of the shoe, as long as the little part will adhere to the uppers. But the waterproof shoes not only by the data itself, shoes can part of ooze water in addition to the materials, and sewing pinhole, upper and sole combination parts. A waterproof breathable film creation in the use, this kind of membrane pore size is less than the water molecules, greater than the air molecules, the card in the hole area, it was prepared by the shoes can make the feet of moisture permeability to outside, and inside the shoes outside the rain does not invade, and complete a good waterproof and breathable.


However, as the use of an extension of the time, splashing water on the surface of the skin function weakens, will eventually lose water.


A made of PU coating which fiber substrate of artificial leather, with leather than its texture and permeability has, and used in the shoe industry increasingly.


In addition, everyone likes to wear cloth cover rubber shoes for a long time, that this cloth can be so nylon fabric, mesh cloth, canvas, to overcome the shortcoming of the waterproof function is poor, skill personnel selection of dupont Teflon of canvas shoes, make its have water utility.


Bottom parts material the most fastidious


About mountain climbing, skiing, rock climbing, beach, running series such as wild shoes, not only on the vamp material high demand, and also very strict demand for bottom parts. Such as mountain boots super wear-resisting is generally selected soles Vibram rubber soles, lined with carbon fiber board, has a strong resistance to impact, can carry crampons, boots for planning in more than 20 cm, uppers use hard plastic resin or thickening sewing, cowhide, sheepskin lining keep warm shoe covers, bad habits and disorderly of snow, ice and rock mixed terrain, useful to maintain the feet.


Some commonly used wild shoes Gore Tex or SympaTex fabrics, center thermal insulation layer, in order to enhance the waterproof moisture permeable. Some professional brand nylon plate between the outsole and the bottom is planning support, in order to enhance hardness of the sole, can usefully avoid deformation of the bottom of the shoe, and enhance the resistance to impact. Vamp often choose medium thickness of head layer cowhide, sheepskin or hybrid shoe leather, leather face part chooses du help super wear-resistant Cordura fabric, more light in the climbing series, flexible, sex is good. In order to deal with waterproof questions, most of the style chooses Gore Tex data for fabrics, also some waterproof with the outermost layer of skin, this kind of shoes in the ankle to below the surface of the water or walking in the rain