Addidas start another a harmful substance storm, using environmental-friendly shoes glue is imperative

“Even the big brands containing harmful chemicals, whom shoud us to believe?”

Maybe you can not think, the clothes and shoes you wear every day are likely to harm the health of your body. A few days ago, the international environmental agency Greenpeace recently released a test report, contains some of the world’s leading outdoor sports brand Adidas, TheNorthFace, JackWolfskin (Dewclaws) 14 brands, the presence of material harmful chemicals on health and the environment perfluoro compound (PFC), and the like.

The news disclosed, causing the majority of consumers are concerned about. Adidas headquarters in the “Daily Economic News” is authoritative report made a commitment: “to lead the garment and footwear industry, all products of our supply chain and manufacturing process in 2020 to achieve zero emissions of harmful chemicals . ” Consumer was surprised to find this sentence, 18 years, 18 years, consumers need to wear shoes harmful to the body or the environment and so the entire footwear industry to achieve zero emissions of harmful chemicals. “Even the big brands containing harmful chemicals, clothes and shoes we wear to who to believe?” Consumers complain so on Sina microblogging!

The storm sudden, insecurity comes to footwear industry.

“This commitment to really want to be fully realized, I do not know how long other words, if the shoe industry to take relevant measures, basically each ordinary domestic consumers will be indefinitely wear shoes harmful to the body or the environment,” a system shoe person so commented.

According to the relevant foreign footwear authority analysis, our footwear production was about 6.5 billion pairs a year, the system footwear for the high energy consumption, high pollution industries, huge production so that the industry as environmental pollution stealth adorned with hand. Adidas affiliated factory in China with more than 300 foundry, Total employs more than 300,000 employees in shoe production process, these employees are likely to be volatile because of the harmful chemicals by health damage. While the entire footwear industry tens of millions of workers, and the consequent social and occupational poisoning problem should not be underestimated. Adidas has been disclosed to the materials used there are chemicals that are harmful to health and the environment perfluorinated compounds (PFC), the domestic well-known shoe feel insecure, worried about their own brand of implicated.

Shoes with glue is imperative to “green production”,

In recent years, the environmental aspects of the community, increasing the appeal of the footwear industry. As we all know, the shoe pollutant emissions in the production process, has great harm to humans and the climate and environment. So, exactly what a huge hazard impact of pollutants on human and climatic environment? According to expert analysis, the main source of pollution in the footwear industry is that unreasonable choice of adhesive for shoes. Especially the soles bonding process in the chosen solvent-based glue, even once the panic caused by first-line production of footwear.

Reported from glue poisoning in recent years we found containing dichloroethane, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful voc, solvent-based glue used in the shoe-making process and it is not only pose a direct threat to human health, but also on the environment causing serious pollution. Shoe To completely avoid the harm of solvent-based glue, it is necessary to adopt environmentally friendly non-toxic water-based adhesive.

To be “green production”, the shoe enterprises should be in line with the requirements of the state and society at large on the environment and environmental protection should be selected from materials to products sold must focus on “green” as the theme, which as the shoe material indispensable accessories, shoes with plastic should pay great attention to its water-based imperative!