Synthetic Leather Shoes Care Method

  • Dip in water and detergent cleaning, avoid gasoline scrubbing;
  • Can not be dry cleaned, use a cotton swab with a little alcohol or leather special stain removal cream to remove stains.
  • Can only be washed in water, and the washing temperature can not exceed 40 degrees.
  • Can not be exposed to the sun, usually pay attention to keep the upper clean, wear a soft brush to comb the suede, remove the dust.
  • Can’t contact some organic solvents, put them in a ventilated place to dry when not wearing, and collect them in time to keep the shoes dry.

  • Synthetic leather is a product that simulates the composition and structure of natural leather and can be used as its substitute material. It is usually made by impregnated non-woven fabric as the mesh layer and microporous polyurethane layer as the grain surface layer. Its front and back side are very similar to leather, and it has certain breathability, which is closer to natural leather than ordinary artificial leather. It is widely used in making shoes, boots, bags and balls, etc.

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