The second Gallery SHOES show was held in Dusseldorf.

The second Gallery SHOES shoe exhibition held in Dusseldorf in March 11-13, from 28 countries more than 500 brands on display in the show their autumn/winter 2018 latest fashion products, including Australia, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain and Turkey and other countries of the exhibitors.

The first Gallery SHOES exhibition was held in August 2017, and the exhibition was divided into 5 regions. Besides the footwear products, there are also shoe material accessories and bags and other products. Due to the successful holding of the first exhibition and the increase in the demand of exhibitors for the exhibition, the exhibition area has increased several exhibition halls.

Shoe exhibition organizers ur li, director of the project, card, speaking on the second day of the exhibition, the exhibition opening is good, the second annual exhibition of the audience and the number of buyers is expected to be increased, the exact number will be released at the end of the show.

we will continue to work together to make Gallery SHOES a showcase for European footwear brands,’ said Ullik Kale.