The Canton fair promotes the smooth flow of trade between China and countries along the One Belt And One Road

As China’s opening to the outside of the window, the Canton Fair use of its own platform advantages, in our country and “neighbourhood” all the way along the route between countries set up the bridge of economic and trade exchanges, for Chinese enterprises and products to go out, for the “area” all the way along the national (regional) enterprise and products come into China provides great convenience, promoted China along with the country’s trade flow and the mutually beneficial and win-win development.


With the promotion of One Belt And One Road, buyers and exhibitors of countries along the belt and road have become an important part of the Canton Fair in recent years. In addition, in the import exhibition area, there were 341 enterprises from 17 countries and regions along the “One Belt And One Road” and 583 booths, accounting for 55 per cent and 59.3 per cent respectively.”


The 122nd Canton Fair will continue to implement the One Belt And One Road initiative to promote the level of trade cooperation between China and countries along the belt and road.”At present, the Canton fair has signed cooperation agreements with 45 industrial and commercial organizations of countries along the 32 “One Belt And One Road” countries.


The Canton fair will organize 14 “One Belt And One Road” countries to visit the procurement. The Canton fair promotes the smooth flow of trade between China and countries along the One Belt And One Road.


According to the introduction, the overall pattern of the Canton Fair is unchanged. The total area of the exhibition is 1185,000 square meters, and the export exhibition will set up 51 exhibition areas in 16 categories, with a total of 5,9483 booths and 24,429 exhibitors.In the first and third period, the import exhibition will be set up, and the import exhibition will set up six product areas and the total number of booths will be 983.


Canton fair will be held in three phase: the first phase of the holding time is October 15 to 19, mainly on electronic and electrical appliances, lighting, vehicle and accessories, machinery, hardware tools, building materials, chemical industry, energy products;The second phase is from October 23 solstice27, mainly on the display of consumer goods, gifts, home decoration products; The third period from October 31 solstice November 4, the main exhibition textile clothing, shoes, office luggage and leisure products, medicine and health care, food products.