How consumers buy fur

Looking for a cheap from wool fur laid hands on him


This year’s fur is fastidious the real thing. Natural animal fur, such as common mink, fox fur is very expensive, a big cape to eight thousand thousands. On ordinary consumers, firstly from wool fur, low price, domestic wool shawls about five centuries yuan only, more expensive imported wool Angola out many times, but not look and homebred distance, as long as the professional talent tell commonly.


How low do fur


The leather itself is rich in protein, simple insect, become angry. After each use. Fur special brush down the brush are available, and can arrange fur the dust down. Can’t buy special brush, can also be used to beautify hair comb instead of with wool.


Fur easy be affected with damp be affected with damp, moldy, consequently, it is very important to keep dry. Else, be sure to hang up preservation.


Buy low fashionable fur shawl?


In addition to the brand, the current market in modern fur shawl is more, price is high. General popular feeling particularly strong item commonly used only one season, thus, increase the fur such valuables before quotation and how long you can advocate thinking. Features small response to the prevailing relatively loose. Heart tao sometimes have appearance texture are good products.